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Great Neck Public Schools Budget and Bond Vote Results:

GNPS Budget: Yes: 6,299; No: 1,925; PASSED

GNPS Revised Bond Referendum: Yes: 6,299; No: 2,363; PASSED

GN Library Budget: Yes: 5,894; No: 2,363; PASSED

GNPS Board Trustee (seat held by Lawrence R. Gross): Jeffrey Shi: 6,055; Nikolas Kron: 1,908
GNPS Board Trustee (seat held by Susan Healy): Rebecca Sassouni: 6,884


 Spring Tree Planting

The Village is currently accepting requests from residents who would like a street tree planted
 along the curb in front of their property.
Interested residents must call the Village Hall to be placed on the request list.
Approval of the request is subject to a site visit to determine if there is sufficient room for planting. 
We expect to plant the following varieties of trees, subject to availability:

October Glory Maple (Acer Tartaricum, var. 'Rubrum')
Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringia Reticulata - var. 'Ivory Silk', 'Summer Snow' or 'Regent")
Goldenrain (Koelreuteria Paniculata)
Summer Sprite Litlleleaf Linden (Tilia Cordata, var. 'Halka')

Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.  Quantities are limited. 
Any resident requests that cannot be fulfilled this spring will be carried over to fall.


Congratulations to Village Historian, Leila Mattson on being selected for the Town of North Hempstead's Women's Roll of Honor!

On Wednesday, March 29th, Leila Mattson, along with 15 other honorees, was recognized
for her service to Thomaston and the Great Neck community at the
24th Annual Town of North Hempstead Women's Roll of Honor.

Leila Mattson has served the Village of Thomaston for over forty years.  She has been the Village Historian since 1976, served as a member of the Planning Board and Landmarks Commission, and she is the author of the Village's history blog. Leila was member of the Thomaston Bicentennial Committee which authored and published and informal history book of the Village, a copy of which is posted on the
"Village History" page of our website.

In the Great Neck Community at large, Leila is one of the founding members of the Great Neck Historical Society and currently serves as its Vice President for history.  She has performed hundreds of hours of historical research, including fulfillment of requests from all over the country, and has presented lectures for the historical society.  Mrs. Mattson is also the co-author, with Alice Kasten, of the book Great Neck, part of the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing and the History Press.  In addition to her volunteer work, Leila worked as a reference librarian at the Great Neck Library for 36 years.

Please join us in recognizing Leila Mattson for her role in preserving the rich history
of Great Neck and for her tireless devotion to volunteering her time in the Village of Thomaston.

2017 Town of North Hempstead Women's Roll of Honor

  Leila Mattson with Mayor Steven Weinberg                A small group of honorees with Town Officials and Mayor Weinberg


The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department covers 10 square miles of Nassau County,
including most of the Village of Thomaston.

"Department members are all volunteers and are trained to provide fire, specialty rescue, and emergency medical care to the community. With an average of 2,500 calls a year, all possible community support is greatly appreciated! The best support you can provide us is your time - help us help you. No experience is required, and the department provides all necessary training. For more information, visit us online at or call us: 516-466-4435 (non-emergency)."






Solar power is good for the environment and good for the pocketbook –
PSEGLI’s electricity is over 90% fossil fuel-based and expensive, unlike sunshine.
As a result, the Village of Thomaston is considering an initiative to make solar more affordable and accessible for its residents.

Owning a quality solar electricity system makes financial sense for a lot of Long Island residents – there are already over 10,000 residential systems on Long Island. Historically, the up-front investment has been the roadblock – not everyone has the cash to buy a system outright.
While leasing is an option, it isn’t always the most economical way for the consumer
to go solar, since the leasing company absorbs most of the tax credit incentives instead
of the homeowner.

Fortunately, NY State has implemented a subsidized loan program (Smart Energy Loan
by Energy Finance Solutions) to help finance residential solar electricity systems and
other energy improvements. If approved, the loan is good for up to $25,000 at 3.49% fixed interest for up to 15 years without placing a lien on the home.

This program has been a huge success, but a major rate increase is scheduled.
Come September 1st 2016, rates will increase to 4.99% for qualified low-income buyers or as much as 7.99% for those with higher incomes. If you or anyone you know might consider solar or any other energy improvement for your home in the next year, please take the time to complete the simple online application with the link below.

This is not a commitment to buy, but it will create a dated application and can ensure that you have access to the loan at current rates. You will then have one year to use it with a qualified contractor.  

Please stay tuned for more updates on the Thomaston solar initiative.



The 1st edition of the Town of North Hempstead's
Aircraft Noise Education and Outreach Committee Newsletter is now available at

Long Island Railroad Colonial Road Improvement Project:

The Colonial Road Bridge is open!

View photos of the first bridge installation - August 21-24

 Please contact Hector Garcia of the Long Island Railroad with questions or concerns at 718-558-7305

Visit the MTA's Project Website


Dedication of the Robert Stern Village Hall  took place on Wednesday, September 9th. 
View newsletter highlighting the event

Attention Residents - please be advised that the Village has received reports
that newspapers left at the curb for recycling have been taken by individuals
other than our refuse company. We advise you not to put any papers
that contain personal information out with your recycling materials.