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PSEG Long Island Resources

PSEG Long Island Mobile App: Download the App from to report outages and receive information on restoration times, crew locations and more.
PSEG Long Island’s Customer Service: Customers may call 1-800-490-0075 to report downed wires or power outages.
Outage Map: This can be found on our web site at  and displays outages in the service territory, as well as estimated restoration times. 
MyAlerts Text Messaging: PSEG Long Island’s text message service can be used to report and receive status updates on an outage. This requires an account number for a one-time registration, so it’s best to register before an issue arises. To register, text REG to PSEGLI (773454) or visit the "My Account" section of the website at Once registered, to report an outage, simply text OUT to PSEGLI (773454).

Nassau County Cyber Crimes Prevention Flyer

Crime Prevention Tips Flyers

Common Sense Precautions to Prevent Vehicle Theft

While vehicle thefts are not common in Thomaston, the Nassau County Police Departments want to remind everyone that 98% of stolen vehicles occur due to the operator leaving the FOB/key in the car.

To prevent items from being stolen from cars and vehicles thefts:

  • Always remove your FOB/keys from your vehicle when you are not operating it
  • Never leave a spare  FOB/key in the vehicle
  • Ensure your vehicle is locked at all times and close all windows
  • Never leave your vehicle running and unattended
  • Park your car in the garage if possible, especially at night
  • Park you vehicle in a well-lit and highly visible area



from the Nasssau County Police Department
  1. Do not leave your car unlocked 
  2. Never leave your car running, especially while it is unattended or unlocked
  3. Do not leave a spare key near or in your vehicle
  4. Never leave your windows open
  5. Park in well lit areas
  6. Install an audible alarm system and a visible anti-theft device
  7. Consider installing a GPS tracking device
  8. Do not leave valuable personal property in your vehicle
  9. Leave your car in park or in gear with the wheels turned towards the curb
  10. ALWAYS look around and be aware of your surroundings



Residents of the Village have reported receiving phone calls from individuals
claiming to be employees of utility companies such as PSEG.  These individuals are threatening to
cut off service due to an outstanding account balance and are demanding payment
via a pre-paid debit card or Green Dot MoneyPak which must be purchased at 7 Eleven. 
There is a similar IRS scam in which victims are told they owe back taxes, fees or
fines which must be paid immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak.


If you receive such a call, hang up. 
Utility companies and government agencies will not contact you by phone to demand payment.

For more information visit:

PSEG Long Island website -

IRS website -


Nassau County Police Department encourages citizens
to sign up for Smart911

Protect your loved ones by creating a Smart911 Safety Profile.

Smart911 allows individuals to create a private and secure Safety Profile for their household which includes any information they want 9-1-1 and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a citizen makes an emergency call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker, allowing them to send the right response teams to the correct location with the right resources. Your profile can include details such as family members, medical notes, pets and emergency contacts.

Please visit for more information or view the Smart911 Flyer

The Smart911 app provides greater access to the lifesaving benefits of Smart911
and targeted location-based alerts to all individuals. 

 The Smart911 App is available on the Apple Store or Google Play


Did you know that you can report a power outage by text messaging?
To register for "My Alerts", text "REG"  to PSEGLI (773454)
Once registered, you may text "STAT" for updates on the staus of your restoration.

You can also report outages and receive updates via the PSEGLI App (App Store or Google Play)

For more information, visit



As we face the present COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of the interconnection of all life and our need to be mindful of how our actions and choices affect both the natural world and the human communities in which we live.

With the arrival of spring, we are asking residents to take a few simple steps to help our environment:

1. Use low nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn.
    (5-10-10 is good) or organic fertilizers, such as manure, compost, straw and
    leaves, also add nutrients to the soil

2.  Wait until mid-April (right when the grass starts to grow) to put down fertilizer

3.  Do not use Round Up or pesticides/herbicides on your lawn.
     These weed killers are known carcinogens. There are organic options.

4.  Water irrigation – Limit watering lawns…do less frequently  

5.  Share these tips with your landscaper.




PSEG reminds customers of the following:

To report downed wires or power outages, customers should call PSEG Long Island’s Customer Service line at1-800-490-0075

Our Outage Map can be found at  and reports outages in your community, as well as estimated restoration times.

MyAlerts, PSEG Long Island’s text message service, can be used to report and receive
status updates on an outage. Since this requires an account number for a one-time registration,
it’s best to do it beforehand. To register, text REG to PSEGLI (773454) or visit the
"My Account" section of the website at
Once registered, to report an outage, simply text OUT to PSEGLI (773454).


Tree Planting

The Village is currently accepting requests from residents who would like a street tree planted
 along the curb in front of their property.
Interested residents must call the Village Hall to be placed on the request list.
Approval of the request is subject to a site visit to determine if there is sufficient room for planting. 
We expect to plant the following varieties of trees, subject to availability:

October Glory Maple (Acer Tartaricum, var. 'Rubrum')
Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringia Reticulata - var. 'Ivory Silk', 'Summer Snow' or 'Regent")
Goldenrain (Koelreuteria Paniculata)
Summer Sprite Litlleleaf Linden (Tilia Cordata, var. 'Halka')

(click on any name to view a photo of all varieties)

Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.  Quantities are limited. 
Any resident requests that cannot be fulfilled this spring will be carried over to fall.

Introducing Thomaston's Little Library

On Sunday, July 28, 2019 a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
for the Village's first Little Library, was held
at Avalon Island (intersection of Avalon Road & N. Avalon Road)

Check out our Little Book House.  Residents are encouraged to leave a book or take or book.








In response to safety concerns expressed by numerous residents, the Board of Trustees has lowered the speed limit to 25 MPH on the following Village roads:

Colonial Road
Grace Avenue
Schenck Avenue
Shoreward Drive
Susquehanna Avenue

New 25 MPH speed limit signs have been installed within the applicable segments of these roads.  Please pay attention when driving through the Village and obey the posted speed limits as the Nassau County Police Department will be enforcing the speed limits in Thomaston.  Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on other roads within the Village is 30 MPH.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make Thomaston a safer place for
our children, pedestrians, and motorists.




Have you heard about...

Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP)

REAP is a program for income eligible PSEG customers designed to help them save money and lower their electric bills.  Eligible customers will receive a free home survey.  During the survey, a REAP technician may install energy saving measures in your no cost to you!  Reap technicians choose items that will make your home MOST energy efficient.  Among the items may be high efficiency LED bulbs and/or energy efficient appliances.

To learn more about this program and the eligibility guidelines, click here or call 800-263-6786   




The Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department covers 10 square miles of Nassau County,
including most of the Village of Thomaston.

"Department members are all volunteers and are trained to provide fire, specialty rescue, and emergency medical care to the community. With an average of 2,500 calls a year, all possible community support is greatly appreciated! The best support you can provide us is your time - help us help you. No experience is required, and the department provides all necessary training. For more information, visit us online at or call us: 516-466-4435 (non-emergency)."



Attention Residents - please be advised that the Village has received reports
that newspapers left at the curb for recycling have been taken by individuals
other than our refuse company. We advise you not to put any papers
that contain personal information out with your recycling materials.