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Landmark Preservation Commission
November 30, 2021at 7:30 p.m.
via Zoom

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Proposals for Consulting Services:


Cashin Spinelli & Ferretti, LLC

Simeon Bankoff


Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
December 1, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

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Board of Trustees Public Hearing

Bll T2021G - A Local Law to Repeal Village of Thomaston Local Law 3-2021

Legal Notice

Bill T2021G


Notice of Adoption of Local Law
Subject to Permissive Referendum

Legal Notice

A local law opting out of licensing and/or establishing retail cannabis dispensaries and/or on-site cannabis
consumption establishments within the Village of Thomaston.

Bill T2021F


Statement from the Village of Thomaston
November 9, 2021

The public hearing on the application of the 124 Middle Neck Realty, LLC incentive zoning application will not take place on November 15, 2021.  The applicant chose not to email the required legal notice for the hearing nor make the required expense deposit payment to the Village, and has instead chosen to withdraw their application.  The applicant  has
stated an intention  to work with the Village and our Village residents in an amicable manner and to develop
modifications to address the concerns of our community for a future application which is financially feasible
for a multi-family dwelling on the property. 

The Landmark Preservation Commission will proceed with the review of the public requests for landmark status in due time.  Notice of the Commission’s meeting(s) will be mailed to all property owners within 250’ of the subject property, posted on the Village website, and also will be emailed via Swift911. 

The Village will issue a statement shortly to address the many questions which were raised with respect to the incentive zoning process and application.  The statement will be posted on the Village website and emailed via Swift911.