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Recycling Guidelines
Refer to this chart to determine which items can be recycled and how to prepare them.
Recycling is to be placed at the curb on Thursday.
Click here to print a copy of the recycling chart.

   PAPER & CARDBOARD *Newspapers & inserts
*Magazines & catalogs
*Discarded mail
*Office & school papers
*Index cards
*Paper grocery & lunch bags
*Paperback books
*Hard cover books with covers removed

*Telephone books
*Corrugated cardboard (must be clean)
*Clean pizza boxes
*Clean cereal and food boxes (without plastic windows)
*Envelopes with plastic windows
*Non-paper envelopes
*Metallic paper

*Cardboard drink containers
*Paper plates and paper cups
*Cardboard with wax

*Pack newspapers in
 brown paper bags or tie
 with twine

*Flatten cardboard and tie

PLASTICS *All food, beverage, laundry detergent, person care product,
cleaning supply containers bearing the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6  
in the recycling triangle of the bottom of the container

*Bulk plastics such as toys, lawn furniture
*All Styrofoam products
*Plastic bags & wrap
*Plastic shower curtains

*Motor oil, paint, corrosive chemical, solvent & lawn care
*Six pack holders & rings
  (cut rings open before disposing in regular trash)
*Empty contents
*Rinse all containers

METALS *Food & beverage cans
*Clean aluminum pans & foil
*Baking tins
*License plates
*Aerosol cans
*Cans contaminated with pesticides or chemicals
*Electronic waste
*Rinse all containers
*Up to one license plate per week,
 blackout license numbers with black marker
GLASS *All clear & colored glass containers

*Mirrors, windows & auto glass
*Light bulbs
*Drinking glasses
*Broken glass
*Pottery or clay pots
*Rinse all containers
*Remove all caps & lids and discard in regular trash
*Labels do not need to be removed