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Collection Rules

·   Meadow Carting currently provides sanitation services for the Village.
Their phone number is: (516) 338-0121

·   Household trash - pickup is from the side or rear door of your house
Household trash includes kitchen waste and bathroom waste. 
Any other waste is considered rubbish and must be placed at the curb.
A maximum of 3 bags of rubbish will be picked up, curbside, on any regular collection day.
Please do not place bags at the curb earlier than the night before pick-up.

·   Leaves and yard waste 5 bag maximum, once per week, curbside
Pick-up is at the curb on Wednesday or Thursday, whichever day is a regular pick-up day for your street.
Yard waste must be placed in paper lawn and leaf bags or in a pail with a "Yard Waste" decal.
Black plastic bags will no longer be accepted at the waste transfer facilty.

Place at the curb no earlier than the night before pick-up.
Branches/twigs must be bundled and tied in 4 foot lengths - 3 bundle maximum per week.

·  Recycling and Newspapers pick-up is curbside on Thursday
Plastics, glass and metals should be placed in either a clear plastic bag or recycling can.
Newspapers should be bundled and tied or placed in a paper bag.
Place these items at the curb no earlier than Wednesday night.

Recycling and Yard Waste Decals are available for free from the Town of North Hempstead by calling 869-6311

·  Bulk/Large Items – 1 item per week per household
Pick-up is on the last collection day of the week for your street.
Bulk/large items include: furniture; mattresses; appliances; hot water heaters; carpet;
rubbish (cleanout of basement or garage); items too large to fit in a garbage can.

Notes on bulk items:  
·   You do not need to call Meadow Carting ahead for bulk pick-up unless:
             The item is excessively large or heavy (over 100 lbs.)
·   Only 1 large item will be picked up per week per household. 
An item is defined 1 appliance OR 1 piece of furniture OR 3 large bags of rubbish OR
     3 rolls of carpet (bundled and tied in 4 foot lengths)

Quantities in excess of 1 item as defined above are not covered by the contract and are subject to an additional
     charge to the resident.  Please call Meadow Carting at (516) 338-0121 for pricing.

·   Construction debris (from work done on your home) is not covered by the contract. 
Please call Meadow Carting for pricing.
Electronic waste is no longer accepted for curbside pick-up per NYS law.
For more information please click here